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Kelen - local anesthetic – freezing spray

Chloraethyl spray, 100 ml

KELEN® - is a local anesthetic – freezing spray on the base of 100% chloraethyl (synonyms: chlorethane, ethyl chloride), being ordered for treatment of sports injuries of soft tissues, fresh bruises and sprains, and in other situations, where the cold applied may prevent any further development of the tissue changes such as haematocele, etc. It is with a higher cooling effect than the other cooling sprays because of being set on a different basis, and thus also suitable for skin anesthesia before an injection application, with minor surgery performances, dermatology, piercing, tick removal, muscle spasms, chord sharp irritations (tennis elbow), etc. It is therefore used for surgeries of dermatologists, surgeons, orthopedists, pediatrists, rescuers, etc.

www.kelen.eu or www.chloraethyl.com

Content: 100 ml
packing: 50 pcs in carton
EAN 859402920020

This preparation is selling free, without the necessity of having a doctor’s prescription to get them, and he is certified by the European CE certificate in accordance with the Guideline 93/42/EEC as a medical devices.