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Synthetic ice spray, cold spray

SYNTHETIC ICE SPRAY®, cooling spray 400 ml, with Menthol and Arnica

SYNTHETIC ICE SPRAY® - is a cooling spray, which has the same characteristics as the classic frozen ice and is used as first aid (inhibits pain) with ruptures or contusions of muscles, limbs and joints caused by a percussion – concussion, distortion, etc. It is suitable for the application, primarily, in the sports medicine, where based on its high quality it has frequently been used by sportsmen, sports physicians, masseurs, physiotherapists, etc. It contains menthol and arnica ingredients.


Content: 400 ml
Packing: 24 pcs in carton
EAN 8594029290013

The application is very simple: sprayed repeatedly (2-3 times) for 1-2 seconds from a distance of about 15-20 cm to the affected area. Make sure adequate application don´t spray too long and from short distances to avoid frostbite skin. Do not use on face, neck, sensitive sites and open wounds.
This preparation is selling free, without the necessity of having a doctor’s prescription to get them, and he is certified by the European CE certificate in accordance with the Guideline 93/42/EEC as a medical devices.