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TraumaPlaster – Quick plaster in spray for first aid

TraumaPlaster®, spray 60 ml – Quick plaster in spray for first aid

• Plastic dressing based on acrylic copolymer is used for fast treatment of scratches and small wounds;
• After application, it dries within 3 minutes and it creates a water-proof protective coat and is not water-soluble;
• It prevents access of micro-organisms from the outside environment and It does not prevent natural skin perspiration;
• The wound remains closed against unfavourable effects, however, the healing process under the plastic coat continues;

• The dressing is removed of its own accord after 3 to 4 days by gradual thinning of the plastic coat caused by its abrasion during usually performed activities;

• The preparation is suitable for treatment of minor scratches and cuts occurring in the household, when gardening, working in agriculture or performing sports;
• It must not be used to cover wounds with a massive haemorrhage;
• It is particularly suitable to use the Traumaplaster® product for treatment of wounds sustained when working in a damp or dusty environment, in which other forms of dressing are not suitable;
• Ask your pharmacist or supplier of medical devices for this product.